Honeymoons On-The-Go: Backpacking

Honeymoons On-The-Go: Backpacking

Just as everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding is different, the idea of the perfect honeymoon is varied. The honeymoon is all about romance, and there is an infinite amount of ways to strike that chord. All-inclusive, packaged honeymoons on remote islands sound picture-perfect to some, but they aren’t for all couples. Some couples need a bit of adventure; some want to plan every detail and have truly unique honeymoons. Backpacking honeymoons fulfill these whims and much more.

What is backpacking? True backpacking combines hiking and camping in a single trip. Here, it will refer to the art of travel-on-the-go. The term “backpacking” used to conjure unromantic images of a vagabond lifestyle not for the faint of heart – sub-par hotels and hostels, terrible food, unpredictable transportation. Not anymore. With so many guidebooks and websites focusing on backpacking, it can be easy for one to plan a trip, no matter how unseasoned the traveler. Backpacking may not be the simplest to plan, but it might be the most fun, depending on your point-of-view.

Like every honeymooning option out there, backpacking has its pros and cons that you and your mate should discuss.

The Pros:
Backpacking can be the most intimate way to get to know a country and the people who live there.
Backpacking allows freedom in how you travel and the amount you spend, perfect for couples looking to save money.
Backpacking directly sustains local economies. When making purchases directly from vendors, you can be assured that all your tourism dollars go toward the local economy.
Planning can be easy, thanks to the internet. Some websites specialize in backpacking in certain locales, and many hotels, hostels, restaurants, and transportation options can be researched and booked online.
No two backpacking trips are alike, ever. If you crave a honeymoon experience out-of-the-ordinary, backpacking might be the route for you.

The Cons:
For the best experience, backpacking requires some research beforehand. Knowing about the history, the people, and the current events of where you are going will save a lot of anxiety while on the honeymoon, allowing you and your partner to enjoy the trip. Many couples do not have time to do this before the wedding.
Backpacking often involves intensive planning. You are responsible for all of the details that are so important to traveling: planning itineraries, arranging transportation, finding places to stay, and developing a back-up plan should anything go awry.
Backpacking can be expensive, should you find yourself in a hitch.
Backpacking tends to be a communal culture – which a young married couple may not be searching for on their honeymoon.
Backpacking can be exhausting and stressful, especially after a wedding. Going from place to place hauling your luggage may not be the most relaxing of vacations.
Should anything go wrong, refunds are harder to obtain.
The list for both sides goes on and on, but these are just some points you and your partner should discuss before booking the trip.

If backpacking seems like a great fit, a decision needs to be made: Where do you want to go? The world is at your fingertips, and the possibilities are endless. When choosing a locale, think of what attracts you to that place, and why. One of the perks of backpacking is the feasibility of seeing many places in one whirlwind trip. Are there a number of cities or countries close together that you’ve always wanted to visit? Think about your favorite foods, what monuments you’d like to see, and what your honeymoon budget allows. Consider the language barriers. Tour packages usually provide a native speaker with your group, but when you are backpacking, you may be reliant on a phrasebook to get you through the trip.

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After you’ve decided where to go, consult with friends and family. Backpacking is a rite of passage for some, so get advice, opinions, and recommendations from those who’ve spent time abroad. Also, consider when to travel. If you choose a locale that attracts a wide range of tourists during its peak season, you can expect longer lines and higher prices. Best to travel just before or after the peak season, when the crowds are fewer. Check weather sites to see what temperatures to expect while abroad.

Packing is an important element of your trip . after all, it’s in the name! While it is not necessary to sport an actual backpack on your trip, they are easier to carry around than cumbersome suitcases. The key in packing is versatility. You have a very limited amount of room in your bag, and chances are you will be carrying everything with you almost all the time. Stick to thin pieces that can be layered up for warmth. Ditch the stilettos and pack the sneakers. Save room for a few key items: a casual sundress for an evening out, slacks or a long skirt for trips to churches or sites that may not allow shorts.

At first glance, backpacking may not be the most glamorous of honeymoons, but romance can and will flourish if you and your mate are open to the possibilities. Embrace the adventure that comes with creating your own special honeymoon, and you’ll ignite a spark that will burn for ages.

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