The Best Beaches for the Ideal Honeymoon

The Best Beaches for the Ideal Honeymoon

There is no better feeling than sitting next to a beach and enjoying the waves of the ocean with your loved one. This translates into the ideal honeymoon which we all want, as it enhances the journey to a large extent. Nothing could go wrong at the beach, as the couple sit together and embrace the feeling of love. But there are certain elements that add up to this feeling, and that cannot be found at all beaches in the world. There are specific ones that you should visit since they are perfect for the occasion. So, to give you the right idea, here are some of the best beaches that make the perfect honeymoon.

Anse Source D’ Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

Anse Source D’ Argent is one beach that has entered numerous lists in terms of beauty and top destinations. The beach has some clear white sand that makes you fall for the appearance at the very first glance. Granite boulders, colourful fishes and corals are few other aspects that are unique to this particular place alone. Watching sea turtles swimming and making it across is one of the main activities that people like to do at this beach.

Pink Sands Beach, Dunmore, Bahamas

The pink Sand beach is a popular option, as couples tend to storm the place, regardless of the season. The pink sand can be described as the main reason which sets the mood, as there is a certain appeal to the whole place. Holding hands and walking is one thing that you need to do at all times, as the beach tends to follow with an open heart.


Reethi Beach, Baa Atoll, Maldives

If the Pink Sands is too crowded, then you can change plans to Reethi Beach. The classic white sand and deep blue water, tend to sparkle the right tone, as your honeymoon will go in the right direction. There is a certain charm to the whole place that adds up to create moments that are special and unique. The overwater villas are a few other things that you need to visit if you are planning on coming to Reethi beach.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

White sand, palm trees and the local cafes are few of the main aspects that make the Matira Beach into a destination for the loved ones. There are plenty of activities like scuba diving, spa treatments that help you to get started on the honeymoon fever. The beach is also close to some classic restaurants that offer the right delicacies for you to try and enjoy. November and April are considered to be the perfect time to visit this place since you get to experience everything without missing out on the important ones.
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