Tips for Photographing your first Wedding

wedding photography

As a wedding photographer, I am often asked for advice. “It’s my first time, is there anything you can help me with? Give me some tips? I’m afraid not to be up “this message, I received dozens of times. When one covers his first marriage, and it is the pressure that is normal. This is a unique moment, which will not be repeated. We have no right to make mistakes.

Here are some simple tips for those who will spend their baptism of fire. No tricks, just some useful and important tips. I focus on the essentials, like that, on D-Day, you will be prepared for the big event.

With these recommendations, you will be able to emerge unscathed from your marriage, without forgetting what is important. Follow the guide :

1 – Equip yourself with a good quality camera

If not already done, it must be equipped with a flash type cobra (turret head … very important detail). Being a wedding photographer this means to face limits of light situations, such as the town hall or the church for example. My style does not agree so much with the flash, I prefer to use natural light … but sometimes you have no choice. For those who are not familiar with the use of a flash, put it first in “Auto” mode  and play with the + or – to adjust the flash output if necessary.

My advice is to direct the flash towards the ceiling or to a neutral wall color if possible (depending on model) out the small white tab.

2 – Train yourself !!!

In addition to the previous tip, if you miss practice, practice. This is not a joke. Enjoy an evening with friends to try your hand with the flash, for example. This type of equipment requires practice to fully understand everything. And the worst thing to do is use the flash for the first time …. during your first marriage.

Another example of exercise: photos of the couple. If you’ve never done, how do you want to get out. My advice is to practice on a couple of friends, who will be delighted to have beautiful images. Try different poses, chat with them to put them at ease, try different angles, etc …
Wedding photography is a demanding discipline. So to be successful, you have to practice. Would you have the idea to present in an athletics competition without working out … obviously not.

3 – Discuss  with the bride and groom

It is absolutely essential to know the couple that you’ll shoot … at least a minimum. Discuss with them their wedding_dayexpectations. There is nothing worse for married (and therefore you) that end up with photos that do not look like them.

If this is your first marriage, this exchange can be a good opportunity to explain that precisely this is your first marriage. They will be more lenient about the final result.

Some will think, “But never in my life! It is absolutely necessary to hide the fact that we started. ” To those, I asked a simple question: “How could you hide it! When they ask you to show them photos of your previous marriages … they will see that this is the first.







Hello sandy beaches of Aruba, here I come

I am thinking of having a wedding ceremony and reception in Aruba because I like the idea of white sand swishing between my feet, near the bluest of waters. The best thing about making our upcoming destination wedding is I do not have to stress about small details. Will the wedding planner have enough chairs for guests and will the moment of “Mr. and Mrs.” be as I imagined?


I am thinking about booking an all-inclusive stay at the Divi Aruba because they offer wedding packages for larger wedding parties and it is easy for me to get 20 double rooms for my guests. Who cannot say they do not want to get married in a tropical paradise, too?


It is heaven – with all the amenities and meals Covered


Who can say they do not want to stay at a resort that offers guests unlimited drinks and coupons to the Alhambra Casino. I have not been to a casino, but I cannot wait to try my luck at the roulette wheel. After I eat several meals in upscale restaurants near the Divi Aruba, I may need to work of some weight and muscle as I climb the fitness wall.


I am not much for golf, but I cannot wait to sunbathe under a shade umbrella, near the hotel’s new step-down pool. Some people want to know why I want to get married in Aruba. It seems like a great place, if you want a hassle-free wedding ceremony and do not mind paying someone else to coordinate the ceremony, make sure the flowers are in place, and cue the music. The advantage is that when I book, I get seven nights for free. I can have my wedding and honeymoon in the same place; I do not have to go anywhere. It is a stress-free environment, where I can share my love with the one I love.


Glorious wedding ceremony where I do not have to plan


I must admit I am looking forward to a night of champagne and being with my love after the wedding ceremony. Aruba is going to glorious in May. It is nice I get a certificate to remember our wedding, too. I am glad someone else must remember the wedding details that I know I will forget, such as the floor-draped tablecloth or two torches.


Has anyone else been considering Aruba for a wedding destination? I must admit the idea of Oceanside breezes and the $1,000 compensation wedding package had me sold on Divi Aruba for quite a while. Who feels like thy are paid to have their wedding and the honeymoon in the same place!


Dunton Hot Springs is every adventurous bride’s honeymoon dream!


My husband and I tossed around the romantic idea of getting married alone in some remote beautiful paradise. We settled for getting married in the mountains in the San Juan National Forest, only 47 miles from Cortez, Colorado. It was rugged, it was romantic, and for $45,000 with all the wedding vendor fees, and price for our own haven, we could have a whole abandoned ghost town to ourselves.


We had toyed with the idea of being alone by ourselves, in our own private ghost town. But, in the end, we wanted to share the moment with a few special friends. The area is not easily accessible for those who may suffer from altitude.


It was well worth the $45,000 we paid for our two-day minimum Stay


I thought the price for the wedding was reasonable, though it did not include my cost per a wedding officiant or the wedding cake. It did include all meals for our two-day and night stay in this seriously beautiful luxury, almost resort. It may have been an hour from Telluride, but its spa accommodations and yoga lessons made up for the remoteness.


There was a bit too much snow on the ground for us or our guests to enjoy a long hike. However, even in winter, the snow makes this former ghost town a beautiful treasure. We enjoyed being able to go ice skating and sitting out near a big, blazing fire.


Remote view at breakfast is worth every Penny!


There are 13 cabins on the property and every single one is luxurious. Guests have their own retreats if the partying lingers on too late. However, since we bought out the whole town, we had the option to party as late as we wanted!


A local chef fixes the meal and buffet breakfast of smoked meats, bacon, sausage, quiche, blackberry waffles, fresh muffins and a variety of fresh pastries was amazing. Out small party of 25 guests could get what they wanted in true breakfast-buffet style. Lunch was served at noon and we had smoked chicken, with Goat grilled cheese and basil sandwiches, tomato bisque, and a baby green salad. I loved the chocolate chip cookies and ice cream sandwiches for dessert!


We opted for a late afternoon wedding and the staff served as attendants and served guests strawberry margaritas and a great chocolate blizen, perfect for the snowy weather! The ceremony was perfect, though we opted to not stand for longer than 30 minutes outside in the winter wonderland. We went to get warmed in the saloon after the ceremony. The staff then served our wedding guests some of the strawberry wedding cake, with chocolate strawberry frosting. Surrounded by friends and a three-tiered wedding cake, my big day was PERFECT!


My only regret was the fact we couldn’t go on a mountain hike, thanks to the Snow


My husband and I both enjoyed the individual attention we and our guests received all weekend long. Our only wish is that we could come back in the spring for our one-year anniversary and go on one of the many mountain hiking trails around the former ghost town. We also did not get to enjoy bicycling. We both love to do this in warmer weather. However, the staff assures me this is the place to bicycle to your heart’s content!


We were happy with our adventurous choice that is for those that love the rugged outdoors. We liked having our own private party, miles from anyone else! Our assessment is this former ghost town is a great idea for wedding couples that do not want the usual resort experience and don’t mind a few sessions of yoga! We definitely give Dunton Hot Springs a ‘thumbs up.’